Diabetes and Metabolism Assay Kits

      IV2-101E        Insulin ELISA

IV2-001         Insulin Luminescence Assay

IV2-102E       Intact Proinsulin ELISA

IV2-002         Intact Proinsulin Luminescence Assay

IV2-003         Total Proinsulin Luminescence Assay

IV2-004         C-Peptide Luminescence Assay

IV2-113E        Glargine (Lantus®) ELISA

IV2-013L        Glargine (Lantus®) Luminescence Assay

IV3-101E        Retinal Binding Protein (RBP4)

IV3-102E        Adiponectin ELISA

IV3-103E        Oxidised LDL (oxLDL ELISA)

IV3-104E        TNF-alpha (TNF-α) ELISA

IV3-105E        High Sensitivity CRP (hsCRP) ELISA

Laboratory Reagents

 IV2-005          Insulin Assay Controls

 IV2-006          Intact Proinsulin Assay Controls

 IV2-007          C-Peptide Assay Controls

 IV1-101          Chemiluminescence Detection Reagents

In the current climate of rapid scientific and technological advancement, off the shelf diagnostic solutions are not always available. Our team approach to product development is flexible, allowing us to adapt to our partners needs and requests. Invitron specialise in the development of high sensitivity in-vitro diagnostic test systems for use in medical research and routine testing laboratories. From custom made reagents to the development of a completely new assay, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and help develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.