We are a biotechnology company with specialist expertise in the development and manufacture of high sensitivity in-vitro diagnostics. Based in Monmouth, UK, we produce diagnostic test kits that are exported to customers throughout the world.


Our research and development programme is continually seeking new and innovative solutions for use in medical and environmental diagnostics. With unsurpassed sensitivity performance, our state-of-the-art ‘acridinium ester’ chemiluminescence detection technology has found wide acceptance in research and clinical laboratories across the globe and is now, for the first time, being utilised in our point of care test (POCT) platform. Diagnostic tests incorporating this technology benefit from very stable reagents with higher sensitivity, better precision and wider working ranges than other assay systems.

Our Founders

Invitron was founded in 2007 by Stuart and Andrew Woodhead, motivated by their desire to improve healthcare through the creation of novel medical diagnostic tests.

Stuart Woodhead

Stuart is a biochemist with a history in academia and industry. He pioneered the discovery of ‘acridinium ester’ chemiluminescent technology with colleagues at the University of Wales College of Medicine and formed the spinout company, MLT Research, where he was CEO from 1989 until the company’s acquisition in 2003. In his academic career, Stuart developed several new immunoassays that became adopted into routine clinical diagnostic practice. He has published more than 170 papers and reviews and is also a co-inventor on 6 patents. His work in the translation of technology into products and their successful commercialisation is recognised in the Medical Schools Council publication, Health of the Nation (2015, p20).

Andrew is an engineer with over 20 years’ experience of developing and commercialising in-vitro diagnostic products. He was part of the team of engineers who developed the first fully automated laboratory analyser for amplified molecular diagnostics (Gen-Probe TIGRIS) launched in 2002 and has designed several devices for point of care applications including, blood glucose monitoring, blood coagulation and cardiac biomarker testing. He is a co-inventor on 6 patents, 3 of which have been successfully exploited commercially. His most recent patent covers Invitron’s new platform technology for high-sensitivity point of care testing.